Mathalee-The Guide of the giants - Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Sri Lanka
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Mathalee-The Guide of the giants

From the beginning of the 70th decade a boom in the development sector of Sri Lanka caused the loss of an immense area of forest habitat. This resulted in the creation of a human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka. And Subsequent injuries to elephants and abandonment of baby elephant in the wild. In order to provide a permanent solution for this the elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala Was created in 16.02.1975. It started off with 5 baby elephants. Namely “Neela”,”Kumari”,”Vijaya”,”Kadira” and “Mathalee”. Although they were brought in as babies now they have grown up to become grand departments. Up to date Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is home to 88 elephants and Mathalee has become the matriarch of the hard.

The matriarch is the most experienced member of the herd who has a good reproductive capacity which is vital for the survival of the herd. Farther more she has to have the ability to gain the respect of the rest of the herd .Mathalee has this capability and is often a fierce defender of her herd from any external trouble.

She also a mother to 5 calves of which the baby named Pinnawala Remains within the premises with her. She is a gentle leader towards her family of elephant often breaking up fights and reprimanding “naughty” behavior of the little ones with soft pats and trumpet calls. We wish a very long life for this wonderful gentle giant to remain with us in the future years to course.