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Birth of the 70th Baby elephant

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is home to one of the most successful stories of natural elephant breeding in the captive condition. Within the span of 40 years of the institution. The baby born on the eve of 2nd of July 2015 was the 70th. He was born to parents Shanthi and Wasabha under the observation of the veterinarians as very healthy young one. As this was the first birth recorded after the year of 2010 it was an immensely joyous occasion to the whole of the staff.

On the auspicious day of 06.08.2015 the baby was name “Anradha” and was released to the herd of elephants. The greeting he and the mother received was a heartfelt sight bringing tears to the eyes of tourists and workers alike. As Anuradha and Shanthi neared the herd Anuradhas aunt “Meena” came forward to escort them towards the middle. There the matriarch greeted them and welcomed to the herd with customary trumpeting.  Then the whole herd huddled to a single pile touching and cuddling their newest precious member with promises of taking care of him well.