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An adopted animal may have multiple foster parents

Your participation in the A.D.O.P.T. Program helps offset the annual cost of caring for the Zoo’s animals and supports animal conservation.

Top 10 animal adoptions

These animals are  waiting to cuddle in your arms!!!!

In addition, you can select any other animals or group of animals.

Adoption level

The foster parents are given privileges such as:-

(up to Rs5 0,000- Rs.100,000)
( up to Rs.100,000- Rs.200,000)
(up to Rs.200,000-Rs.300,000)
(up to more than Rs.300,000
Photo of your adopted animal  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon
Personalized Adoption certificate  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon
A fact sheet with  species information  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon
Special event invitation  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon
Free video permission for four days  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon
Family/Grandparent annual zoo pass (6 personnel only once per year)  right_icon  right_icon right_icon
Car passes  right_icon  right_icon  right_icon
5% discount at the gift shop  right_icon  right_icon
Access to back side of the enclosure  right_icon  right_icon
Some discount on pony riding  right_icon  right_icon
10% birthday party discount  right_icon
Name displayed at the exhibit  right_icon

How to ADOPT…

Then you will be the guardian of that animal at the zoo for one year to adopt your animal.  Simply complete this form and mail or fax back to us please.


Please mail or fax your completed application to:

Director, Adopt an Animal, National Zoological Gardens, Dehiwala.

Fax: (094) 112734542

If you have any questions, please contact:

Assistant Director (Dehiwala Zoo).

Phone: (+94) 112712752/ (+94)0112712753,

E-mail: zoosl@slt.lk

Please allow up to two weeks for processing.


In addition sponsorship’s are accepted for construction, renovation, and maintain of animal enclosures.