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Sri Lanka is incredibly rich in birds. There are 453 species of avifauna. The distribution of these birds varies with habitats and climatic changes. Nearly 225 species of residents including 33 species of endemics make huge avian diversity in this island.

Large number of different varieties of birds colour the zoo. Bird section comprises of, beautiful parrot species, flightless birds, aquatic and semi aquatic birds and  many other flying birds.

Group of Flamingos beautifies the entrance of the zoo. Ostrich, the fastest and largest flightless bird occupies the close by enclosure at the entrance and other two flightless birds, Cassowary and Emu occupy the rear enclosures.

There are two walk-in aviaries; one is for endemic and indigenous birds and the other one is for exotic birds. Visitors can observe freely flying birds, inside beautifully landscaped aviaries under shady and cool environment.

Swan pond is another attractive place in the zoo. A large waterfall flows steady downward from high elevation and the island at the center provide a natural habitat for aquatic birds.

Number of different types of free-living aquatic and semi aquatic birds could observe at another pond of the zoo. Night herons (Nycticorax nycticorax), Cormorant (Phalacocorax species), Egrets (Egretta species) and Spotted Billed Pelicans (Pelecanus philippensis) are nesting around the pond. Flocks of Pelicans live in out side the zoo used to come here for feeding time.

Some migratory birds like Painted Stork (Mycteria leucocephala) also could observe here during the migratory season, November to February.

Most colorful birds like Macaws, Pheasants, and Lovebirds etc., please eyes of the visitors. Visitors can observe carnivore adaptations of birds from the birds of prey like Owls, Eagles and Kites etc.