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Sri Lankan reptiles count nearly 209 known species with great diversity. These reptiles consist of snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and tortoises. Almost 125 species of them are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Approximately 32 species of reptiles inclusive of foreign species exhibit in the Reptilium.

Two types of Sri Lankan Crocodiles, Marsh Crocodile (Crocodylus patustris) and Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) with the Galapagos Giant Tortoise (Geochelone gigantea) are at the entrance of the Reptilium to welcome the visitors. Cuban Crocodile, Indian Gavial, False Gavial and three Dwarf crocodiles, the smallest crocodile species in the world enhance the value of the Crocodile collection.

Tortoises and Terrapins live in harmony with Rhinoceros Iguanas and False Gavial. Snakes dwell in – house section of the Reptilium. Russell’s viper (Daboia russelli), Sri Lankan Cobra (Naja naja), Common Krait (Bungarus caeruleus), Ceylon Krait (Bangarus ceylonicus) and Hump Nosed Viper (Hypnale hypnale) are found in the zoo out of the seven species of highly poisonous snakes in Sri Lanka. Albino form of Sri Lankan Cobra also found here.

Pythons with their gigantic size and elongated bodies astonish visitors.  Being a famous character in movie world Green Anacondas have drawn special attraction of the visitors, especially children.

Even the indoor enclosures are made to receive sunlight and ventilation and therefore have facilitated snakes to live with nature.