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Frequently Asked Question

01-How many elephants do we have ?

More than 75 elephants

02-When was this place started ?

This was started in 1975 with five orphan babies.

03-From where do elephants come to PEO?

Orphan elephants are directed from Department of Wildlife Conservation. Whenever they became orphan in the wild due to many reasons. (e.g. Mothers died or killed)

04-Why was it necessary to bring it to the orphanage?

Because Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is the ex situ conservation facility established to accommodate orphan elephant.

05-Do all elephants rescued or orphaned?

No, some of them are born here under captive conditions.

06-What is the main objective of this place?

Elephant conservation.

07-What is the life span of an elephant?

Average 70- 80 years under captive conditions.

08-Do they release back to the wild?

Sometimes we do, because many of them were born under captive conditions. They are hard to defense in natural conditions. Under prolong rehabilitation programme, we were able to release two elephants to the forested facility maintain by Department of Wild Life Conservation.

09-What are the welfare facilities do you have for elephants?

1. Physical needs – Good shelter, quality food and sufficient water. 2. Veterinary care-Treat them with care. Attend on their sicknesses. 3. Environmental needs and choices (moving freely/ bathing at river). 4. Friends to associate with and find their patners.

10-Why do you chain elephants?

All elephants that are living in the Orphanage are under semi wild and adults are very strong and weighed about 4-5 tons. Hence, it is not an easy task to control such a large animal. The chain is just hanging around its neck and connect to fore limb to use in an emergency and this prevent the elephant running amok in an event of an unforeseen incident. During veterinary procedures, the foot chain serves as safety device. When attending an elephants for treatment and management chains are required to restrain the animal. So chains are necessary to keep the elephant prevent harming himself when running and use to tie them at such a time in order to keep him off from public.