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Live Class Room

How do different animals behave? What is the role of biodiversity in an ecosystem? How are animal babies cared for? All these and more are part of the ‘PZ Living Classrooms’, where learning about nature is done within nature itself.

‘Nature trails caters to a diversity of need groups from regular visitors to school and university students to even principals and school teachers who would like to have a firsthand interactive experience of a spectrum of animal activities. Our diverse array of lessons and activities are set within the remarkable settings of the Pinnawala Zoo and the world famous Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage to enthuse students about wildlife and the natural world that surrounds us. Students come face to face with the fragility of the environment and at the same time witness all its wonders. Led by our education team, the whole and half-day visits and programmers are aimed at encouraging curiosity and discovery through numerous hands-on and minds-on activities.