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Was born 1998 and brought from National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala. Is the oldest male leopard we have and the most dominant. He I extremely territorial when it comes to his preferred female partner Meena. This male leopard is lazier than the others and spot patterns on the neck under the chin or ‘Necklaces’ around its neck are prominent.


Meena is a female leopard and is mother to Raju who is also living in the Pinnawala Zoo. She was brought from Dehiwala to here with ‘Raju’. She likes to have close contact still with her son. She is afraid of other female leopards. She was died on 21st January 2016.


Was born in 2001 at the National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala. He was chosen by “Kele kella” as her partner probably due to the fact that he is the largest leopard we have. He is quite friendly with the keepers and loves to be petted and stroked.


Is a male leopard born in 2000. He has very thick spot patterns on the neck under the chin which distinguishes him from other along with the square forehead spot pattern. He doesn’t interact with other males and is mated with “Namali”. He is the most voracious feeder we have.

Bhoomi (Kele Kella)

This female leopard was brought from wild life office Anuradhapura after being caught in a snare. She is a young leopard who we suspect was approximately born on 2011. She is paired up with Raju and has a fierce demeanor true to her wild heritage. She possesses the most vividly coloured coat of all the leopards in the Zoo.

Namalee (Manika)

Namalee name after the area Nawalapitiya where she was brought from. A pregnant lady has been killed by this female leopard. As a result of this it is become unprotected area for the people and this animal. So we brought this animal to here after caught by people. There are two neck less and one eye is blind there for she can be recognized easily.


Wild life officers have found a leopard about two weeks without parents on October 2014. After that they feed this male leopard till July 2015. On 27th of July 2015 it was handed over to our zoo. He is friendly to zoo keepers. He likes to play with zoo keeper and like to bath every day. Spot patterns can be seen as ‘W’ on his head.