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Meet the Sea Lion “Botham”

1600 hrs
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Location :- Aquarium

Hello To Elephants

1630 hrs
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Location :- Elephant arena number 02


Meet the Sea Lion “Botham” – LKR 5000.00

            Hello to Elephants – LKR 6000.00


Birthday Parties – Out of the box and into the nature

Take your birthday party out of hotels or homes and join with the nature.Children can       enjoy the beautiful environment of Dehiwala Zoo. Holding a party at Dehiwala Zoo is easy.
Two Birthday Party Packages are available:

You can bring your own refreshments or can receive from our food outlets. Select your need and contact Deputy Director (Dehiwala Zoo)

Send your request through zoosl@slt.lk, by hand, post or fax.

(Tel : 011 2712751-53 Fax : 011 2734542)